You are invited to become a Sister of Li Tim-Oi and help train a Daughter of Li Tim-Oi. This appeal is supported by the The Most Revd Paul Kwong, Archbishop of Hong Kong.

First woman bishop in the Church of England
The Rt Revd Libby Lane
Consecrated in York Minster
26th January 2015
First woman priest in the Church of England
The Revd Prebendary Angela Berners-Wilson
Ordained in Bristol Cathedral with 31 others
12th March 1994
First woman priest in the Anglican Communion
The Revd Dr Florence Li Tim-Oi
Ordained in China by the Bishop of Hong Kong
25th January 1944

Today’s generation of women clergy stand on the shoulders of women who encountered and struggled against discrimination and prejudice, often at great personal and professional cost. Today, women in the Two Thirds World still need help to overcome discrimination and prejudice.

The Li Tim Oi Foundation

provides grants to empower women to be agents of change in a variety of lay and ordained ministries in the Anglican Communion. More than 400 Anglican women from 124 dioceses in 14 provinces have been trained by the Foundation since 1994. They call themselves ...

Daughters of Li Tim Oi

To provide support for the next generation, they now need ...

Sisters of Li Tim Oi

Every 20 women clergy who become Sisters of Li Tim Oi and give just £5 a month, that would pay for a year’s grant for another Daughter of Li Tim Oi to fulfil her vocation.

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The Most Revd Paul Kwong, Archbishop of Hong Kong, is Chair of the Anglican Consultative Council and Patron of the Foundation:
“I am deeply aware that there is a long way to go before the contribution of women to the priesthood, let alone to the episcopate, and even until the status of women is fully recognised and valued across the Anglican Communion. So I appreciate that there is much work for the Li Tim-Oi Foundation still to do, and encourage you to make its work widely known.”

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